Wheelchair Fencing squad announced

29th August 2011

29th August 2011
The World Championships squad has been announced and the following wheelchair fencers have been selected to represent Great Britain in Italy from 8 - 16 October:
Simon Wilson Class A (Epee and Foil)
Tom Hall-Butcher Class A (Sabre and Foil)
Craig McCann Class A (Epee and Foil)
Stewart Elliott Class B (Sabre and Foil)
David Heaton Class B (Sabre and Foil)
Vivien Mills Class A (Sabre and Epee)
Olwyn Fitzgerald Class A (Foil and Epee)
Gabby Down Class A (Foil and Epee)
Justine Moore Class A (Foil and Epee)
Reserve Suzannah Rockett Class A (Foil and Epee)

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