Room for improvement after Euros

25th July 2011

25th July 2011
After a disappointing display at the European Fencing Championships in Sheffield in which GB did not achieve a podium finish in any event, Britain's fencers are overhauling their preparations for London 2012.

New Performance Manager Alex Newton said: "We start on 1 August with something fundamentally different to the way we've done things in the past.  I think there are significant things we can do differently, and better, in a short space of time.

I've identified all the issues we need to address and we have between the Euros and the Worlds [in Sicily this October] to start work on that."

The full European Championship tournament results can be viewed at
Team GB results are below.


Men’s Foil:
Kenber - 23rd
Kruse - 26th
Halsted - 30th
Jeffries - 46th
Men’s Sabre: 
Honeybone - 28th (his first senior season and he lost narrowly to the World No.1)
O’Connell - 41st
Men’s Epee:
Willis - 59th
Women’s Foil:
Bentley - 13th (a personal best major championships result)
Sheppard - 23rd
Emanuel - 31st
Bennett - 39th  
Women’s Sabre: 
Nicoll - 13th 
Williams - 21st (a great result in her first senior season)
Bond-Williams - 34th
Hutchison - 41st
Women’s Epee:
Lawrence - 24th
Usher - 39th
Cohen - 51st
Albini - 62nd 
Team events:

Men’s Team Foil: 5th
Women’s Team Foil: 8th
Women’s Team Sabre: 10th
Women’s Team Epee: 12th

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