An Introduction to Fencing

15th January 2011

Fencing is a fun, exciting sport; simple and cheap to start and keeps both your body and brain active! With 3 different weapons and a range of fun activities using foam and plastic swords, there is something for everyone and every age. The details below give a quick overview of the sport.

The sword is one of the oldest of weapons and, as Egyptian frescoes circa 1200BC show, fencing is one of the oldest of sports.
The ability to demonstrate speed, skill and dexterity with a sword has always been considered an indication of manliness and throughout 17th and 18th century Europe duelling with rapiers settled 'matters of honour'.
The modern Olympic sport requires fencers to be of the fittest of athletes and have levels of skills which require many hours of dedicated training.
In learning the skills of attacking and defending with either the Foil, Epee or Sabre fencers develop good co-ordination, balance and flexibility which makes fencing training an ideal means of keeping fit for all ages and abilities.
When fencing is offered as a holiday activity or at a taster session there are always large numbers of youngsters who wish to emulate their story book heroes.
Fencing for those in wheelchairs is a major sport in disabled competitions and Britain has won many medals at fencing in the Paralympic Games. Certain disabilities prove to be of little disadvantage at fencing and those who are unable to compete in other sports find that they can compete on equal terms with able bodied fencers.

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