Hungarian Wheelchair World Cup

3rd October 2011

3rd October 2011
The recent Hungarian Wheelchair Fencing World Cup competition was held at the Eger City hotel, Eger, Hungary, 8 - 12 September.
Seven fencers represented Team GB, including Simon Wilson, Craig McCann, Tom Hall-Butcher and David Heaton, Vivien Mills, Justine Moore and Gabby Down.
Team Manager Baldip Sahota said: “The GB Squad showed some spectacular moments of fencing both in their individual matches and in the Team Event. These now need to be repeated more often to overturn the narrow defeats to victories.”
A rundown of the results are as follows:
Men’s Foil, Cat A
There were 43 fencers in Cat A Men’s Foil, with fencers from Hong Kong, China, France, Italy, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Belarus, USA, Kuwait, Serbia and India.
Simon Wilson went through to the Direct Eliminations having beaten the Polish fencer Pender (eventual quarter finalist) in the Poule round. This was a great victory for Simon to go through to the L32 where he met Nalewajek also of Poland and narrowly missed out on a L16 position by one hit at 15/14.
Tom Hall-Butcher and Craig McCann finished 36 and 37 respectively.
Men’s Foil Cat B
This was David Heaton’s first international competition since taking up Foil and unfortunately did not progress to the DE’s.
Women’s Epee Cat A
13 year old Gabby Down went through to the Direct Eliminations finishing at a final placing of 16, with Vivien Mills at 21.
Men’s Epee Cat A
After the poule rounds Simon Wilson was ranked 28 and Craig McCann 38. Simon went on to fence Yusupov in the L32 missing out at 15/6.
Women’s Foil Cat A
With a field of 24 International fencers Gabby Down came 23 and did not progress to the DE’s.
Women’s Foil Cat B
Justine Moore was ranked 11 after the poules and came up against the number 6 seed Vasileva of Russia in the DE to go out 15/2.
Men’s Sabre Cat A
Tom Hall-Butcher was placed 16 after the poule round and went on to face Febvre of France who denied Tom a L16 position by 15/13.
Men’s Sabre Cat B
David Heaton faced Pluta of Poland to go out 15/9 and finish overall at 13 from a field of 17.
Women’s Sabre Cat B
With a return of Women’s Sabre to international fencing, Cat B was a small field of 6 fencers. Vivien Mills was up against Fidrych of Poland going out 15/6.
Men’s Foil Team Event
Men’s Foil was the only team fielded by GB.  
After an exciting start against Belarus the Men’s Foil Team lost 45/30.
This led to a playoff against the USA which started with a very one sided lead to GB, however USA fought back very well, but GB held their own and eventually won 45/44.

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