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3rd January 2012

3rd January 2012
The GB men’s foilists resume their efforts to qualify by rights to take part in the 2012 Games in Paris from 27-29 January. The ladies start in Tauberbischofsheim (Germany) two weeks later. Both teams have just four more events to claim those precious Olympic spots.
As the men’s and women’s foilists will be competing in both team and individual events, qualifying as a team is the most important consideration. Put simply, if GB is in the top four teams in the World on 1st April they will qualify to take part in the team event at the Games. Qualification for the team means that 3 team members automatically qualify for the individual event. The men are currently the 10th best team in the World and the women are 13th. Three of the four events left include team ranking events, namely Paris, La Coruna and Bonn for the men and Tauber, Turin and Budapest for the women.
Each of these events plus Venice (men) and Gdansk (women) also include an individual event. The qualification process for the individual events is very complicated but in short the fencers will be aiming to be in the World’s top 16 come 1st April, 2012. This would mean almost certain inclusion in the individual tournament. Only two British foilists currently reside in the World’s top 50 and that’s Richard Kruse (22nd) and Laurence Halsted (44th). Our highest ranked women’s foilist is Natalia Sheppard (73rd).
Other team members to look out for are:-
Men: Jamie Kenber and Ed Jefferies
Women: Claire Bennett, Anna Bentley, Martina Emmanuel and Sophie Troiano
The events are:-
Men’s Foil
1.     27-29 January:  Paris World Cup
2.     17-19 February:  La Coruna World Cup
3.     3-4 March:  Venice Grand Prix
4.     16-18 March:  Bonn World Cup
Women’s Foil
1.     10-12 February:  Tauberbischofsheim World Cup
2.     24-25 February:  Gdansk Grand Prix
3.     9-11 March:  Turin World Cup
4.     23-25 March:  Budapest World Cup
You can follow the action live on Twitter by keeping a close eye on @britishfencing, or you can visit for results after the events.

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