First Beazley pop-up fencing event tonight

31st March 2011

31st March 2011
Beazley are holding a pop-up fencing demonstration in Leadenhall Market, City of London, from 17.30 – 19.00 tonight, hosted by 5 live's Lynsey Hipgrave and British Foilist, Laurence Halsted.
People are encouraged to come along to watch some fencing action firsthand, have a couple of drinks, and mingle with some of the top British fencers. Taking part in the demonstrations of foil, epee and sabre will be Olympic hopefuls Ed Jefferies, Jamie Kenber, Tom Bennett, James Thornton, Chrystall Nicoll and Helen Fairhead.
Once the professionals have shown how it is done, adventurous audience members will be invited up on stage to fence against each other, in a winner stays on competition.
The event will be the first of a number of fencing demonstrations organised by Beazley that will pop-up in the build up to the Olympics, raising awareness of the sport and Beazley's sponsorship, and helping to dispel the myth that fencing is difficult to understand. 

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