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25th June 2012

24th June
A round-up of Great Britain's fencing fortunes at the 2012 European Championships.
Day One
It was a feast of Men’s Sabre and Women’s Epee on day one of the Senior European Championships in Legnano.
Men’s Sabre
56 fencers including James Honeybone took to the piste. After a shaky start in his poule, Honeybone did not make the cut after the first round and finished 45th.
Yakimenko (RUS) successfully defended his European crown winning against Apithy of France in the final, 15-12.
GB individual placings: Honeybone 45th.
Women’s Epee
The second event of the championships was the Women’s Epee individual event where 75 fencers including Mary Cohen and Corinna Lawrence fought to become European Champion 2012.
Both Lawrence made the cut for the incomplete round of 64 where Cohen lost 15-7 to London (ISR) and Lawrence was edged out by Takacs (HUN) 15-14.
In an all-Romanian final, Gherman (ROU) beat Maroiu (ROU) 15-6.
GB Individual placings: Lawrence 36th, Cohen 49th.
Day Two
It was the turn of the Women’s Sabreurs and Men’s Foilists on day two in Legnano.
Women’s Sabre
51 fencers including Jo Hutchison, Chrystall Nicoll & Sophie Williams took to the piste.
In a tough field both Nicholl and Williams progressed through the poules but Hutchison was cut after winning just one fight. In the incomplete round of 64, Williams lost 15-11 to Kubissa (GER) whereas Nicoll progressed 15-10 against Pascu (ROU).
In the round of 32 she faced world number 18, Bianco (ITA). After taking an early lead Nicholl found herself 8-6 down at the break. She put in a tremendous stint in the second period but fell 15-11.
The final between Kharlan (UKR) and Vougiouka (GRE) finished 15-14 with Kharlan retaining her European title in dramatic fashion.
GB individual placings: Nicoll 30th, Williams 33rd, Hutchison 42nd.
Men’s Foil
71 fencers including James Davis, Laurence Halsted, Richard Kruse and Husayn Rosowsky fought to become European Champion 2012.
All four progressed out of the poules to the knockout stages, with Davis ranked 5thseed earning himself a bye through to the round of 32.  
In the round of 64 Halsted beat Nakis (GRE) 15-9 and Kruse took Guyart (FRA) apart 15-4. Roswosky was knocked out 15-13 by Or Htuel (ISR).
In the round of 32 Halsted beat Saliscan (ROU) 15-13 in a tense affair. Davis continued his impressive season by brilliantly beating world number 13, Le Pechoux (FRA) 15-10 and Kruse was on fire in his fight against Schlosser (AUT) beating him 15-5.
The round of 16 put Davis up against the much more experienced Ganeev (RUS) and that experience showed as the Russian won 15-6. Davis was unlucky on a number of occasions as he seemed to have hit the Russian when attacking only for his light not to come up. Halsted also fell 15-7 to Wessels (GER) unable to find a way through against the giant German.
Kruse faced up against Hertsyk (UKR), who he beat 15-13 and then eased to a 15-4 win over Ganeev (RUS) in the round of 8 to make the semi-final.
Cheremisinov (RUS) was Kruse’s opponent in the first semi final and the British fencer lost 15-11, winning a bronze medal (his fourth at a European Championships).
Cheremisinov took the European Crown by beating Kleibrink (GER) 15-7.
GB Individual placings: Kruse 3rd, Davis 11th, Halsted 16th, Rosowsky 34th.
Day Three
The third day of fencing at the European Championships featured the Men’s Sabre team and Women’s Epee team competitions. Great Britain did not enter a team in either event.
Both team events were won by Russia.
Day Four
It was back to the individual events on day four of the European Championships with competitions in Women’s Foil and Men’s Epee.
Women’s Foil
40 competitors took part in round one, including Anna Bentley, Martina Emanuel, Natalia Sheppard and Sophie Troiano from Great Britain.
In sweltering conditions only Emanuel and Sheppard made the cut, both being given byes through to the incomplete round of 64. In the round of 32 Emanuel lost 9-1 to Golubytskyi (GER) and Sheppard lost 15-5 to Korobeynikova (RUS), the eventual bronze medalist.
In the gold medal match Deriglazova (RUS) took the European title 15-8 from her compatriot, Garfurzianko (RUS).
GB individual placings: Emanuel 22nd, Sheppard 26th, Bentley 31st, Troiano 38th.
Men’s Epee
93 fencers including Jon Willis fought to become European Champion 2012.
Willis made the cut after the first round and recieved a bye through the incomplete round of 128. In the round of 64 it was a tight fight against Salm (EST) during which Willis came from behind to win 15-14. Next up was Backer (NOR) in the round of 32 and Willis fell behind so had to chase. He fought bravely but in the end ran out of time losing 12-7.
The final between Novosjolov (EST) and Sukhov (RUS) was won 15-12 by world number 67 Sukhov.
GB Individual placings: Willis 29th.
Day Five
The Men’s Foil and Women’s Sabre team events took place on the penultimate day of the Championships in Legnano.
Men’s Foil Team
There were 14 entries including one from Great Britain – Davis, Kruse, Rosowsky (Reserve: Halsted).
Great Britain overcame Belarus 45-26 in the round of 16. It wasn’t such good news in the round of 8 where they came up against Russia. The Russians came out strongly and Halsted was brought on for Davis but to no avail. The Russians ran out easy winners 45-24. In the placings matches Great Britain beat Austria 45-38 but lost to Poland 45-40 to finish 6th.
In the final the Italians took the title 45-34 against France.
Women’s Sabre
There were 11 teams entered including one from Great Britain – Hutchison, Nicoll and Williams.
In the round of 16 they faced a tough prospect in Hungary and were knocked out 45-36. In the placings matches they beat Spain 45-43 and then Belarus 45-35 to finish 9th.
Russia took the European title 45-37 against Ukraine.
Day Six
The final events of the European Championships were the Men’s Epee and Women’s Foil team events.
Men’s Epee Team
17 teams took part in the Men’s Epee team event on the last day at the European Championships in Legnano, Italy. Great Britain did not enter a team. The Swiss won the title 45-35 against Hungary.
Women’s Foil Team
Only eight teams entered the Women’s Foil team event including one from Great Britain – Bentley, Sheppard and Troiano with Emanuel as reserve.
In the first match Great Britain faced Russia, the number two seeds for the event. Russia opened up a lead early on and went through 40-21. In the placings matches Great Britain lost 40-29 (despite a great eighth leg from Bentley) and then 45-26 to Ukraine to finish in last place.
Italy beat France 45-28 in the final to win gold.

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