Beazley British Championships results

12th December 2011

12th December 2011
The Senior British Individual National Championships (the Beazley British Championships) were hosted at the English Institute of Sport, Sheffield, over the weekend of 10th-11th December 2011, where just under 400 competitors took part in the two day event.
The podium results were as follows:-
Men’s Epee
1st:                  Phillip Marsh
2nd:                 Nicholas Perry
3rd=:               David Gregory & Matthew Henderson
Women’s Epee
1st:                  Mary Cohen
2nd:                 Georgina Usher
3rd=:               Elisa Albini & Jayne Crook
Men’s Foil
1st:                  Husayn Roswosky
2nd:                 Keith Cook
3rd=:               Edward Jeffries & Marcus Mepstead
Women’s Foil
1st:                  Martina Emanuel
2nd:                 Sophie Troiano
3rd=:               Anna Bentley & Natalia Sheppard
Mens’ Sabre
1st:                  Alexander Crutchett
2nd:                 James Honeybone
3rd=:               Alexander O’Connell & Maiyuran Ratneswaran
Women’s Sabre
1st:                  Louise Bond-Williams
2nd:                 Chrystall Nicoll
3rd=:               Katherine Kempe & Kira Roberts
Congratulations to all medallists. 

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